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My Passion

" Experiencing the world through flavor and then sharing it with others! That feeling of savoring a taste liken one other, the combination of flavors, aromas, sensations that overwhelm
the senses; evoking that in others is my passion."

Food is my passion in every sense; if it’s not cooked with love, why eat it? It just tastes better when love is the secret ingredient. Ask anyone who’s eaten one of my creations. ;)  My current passion has been wholly dedicated to my concept dining project, Fun Fun Asian Bowl, where I serve up healthy, delectable Asian fare in a fast, no-frills process that offers exceptional taste with total instant gratification. It is my aim to bring happiness and joy with every meal, and part of that comes in how the food is served. No one wants to wait; everyone has a busy life; everyone wants to enjoy exquisite flavor; no one wants to sacrifice quality, freshness, and health. I took all of this into consideration in the design of Fun Fun Asian Bowl, and the results have been phenomenal. Not only is cooking my passion, but pleasing my patrons goes hand-in-hand with this concept. In designing Fun Fun Asian Bowl, I wanted to zero-in on what my people wanted. In the Miami market, there was a serious lack of options for Asian-inspired street fare, that could fit into the daily lives of today’s health-conscious, flavor-obsessed clientele. I took this feedback to heart, after learning that fast-casual was high up on the list of must-haves. However, nutrition, big flavor, and the highest quality were also necessary points.  The uniqueness of this concept is derived from the pleasure and instant gratification of Asian street food. Having traveled extensively throughout Asia, I know first hand the zen-like awakening that occurs after serendipitously biting into something unexpected from a local vendor, a world of flavor exploding in my mouth, after just quickly grabbing it on the run. What could possibly make a day of intense exploration and travel any more delightful than such delicious sustenance?  I have traveled to far expanses of the world in search of flavor.

Growing up, the kitchen was my haven, a place of both scientific experimentation and also great enjoyment through family bonding. It is safe to say, this has always been my calling. Seeing this early on, my mother encouraged and inspired me to take it as far as I wished, teaching me the staple cuisines of our homeland, beautiful Puerto Rico, and also American classics. That set the stage for a future that would be dedicated to developing my craft, honing my passion with some of the world’s most notable names in culinary. However, my pursuit of flavor has been ongoing; there has been no end; only meandering paths that have taken me throughout the US, Central America, the Caribbean, all through Europe where I learned the art of Basque cuisine; learned about modern sustainability in Scandinavia; and forays all throughout Asia, where I studied and dined my way through Bali, Jakarta, South Korea, Thailand, and Japan.  From all of these places, I have taken not only a deep, unwavering respect for the traditional and innovative methods and flavors, but also a reservoir of knowledge which I bring into all of my dishes. My experience has been deeply influenced by the Asian continent, however, in no way are my capabilities limited to the stretches of Asia. With a body of Latin, American, and European experiences and influences to draw from, along with the knowledge and skills a traditional culinary education equipped me with, not to mention the thousands of hours spent in restaurant kitchens under the tutelage of the greats, to say cooking is a passion is really understated.

My passion is living through food, experiencing it, sharing it, experimenting with it.  I live for the experience of tasting new flavors, along with trying new spins on ingredients I have come to know. From the world’s finest Michelin-starred restaurants to the luxury of being invited in for a home-cooked meal by local families, I have had the pleasure of truly experiencing a world of flavor in traveling the world. As a result, it is my ultimate desire is to create food that makes people happy; simple in premise with long-lasting results.  

"I cook with love; my intent is for you to taste that in every creation.
I aim to bring happiness to all who enjoy my food."

Some artists create with paint; others with sculpture. For me, my art is created with a palette of flavors, intended to entice the palates of my guests with every bite. With a body of experience that has been honed over many years, covering a wide expanse of different cooking styles, my food is a reflection of my experiences in both the culinary world and my experiences in traveling the world. I have held a passion for creativity in the kitchen since my youth, and this blossomed through my education at Johnson & Wales.

I have a penchant for taking advantage of opportunity when it comes knocking, and this has brought some truly remarkable experiences in my life. From working with some of my generation’s most notable names in culinary to being at the forefront of various movements such as restaurant sustainability, food is my passion to the core. I have always sought to be better, do better, learn more, expand upon my current knowledge, and my current understanding of flavor. Embarking on travels to numerous countries to experience their cuisine has not only broadened my horizons on the many possibilities available when you think outside of the box, but it has given me incredible experiences and firsthand knowledge of how these flavors work. Taking all of this knowledge into the kitchen, I have been able to execute works of art, aimed at delighting my guests with every bite.