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Artisinal, worldly, creative, adventurous, and above all, skilled: Xavier Torres is leading the way for new experiences in Miami’s culinary scene. Sampling flavors from all over the world, and capturing those unique essences in new dishes crafted with love is his life’s mission.

A graduate of Johnson and Wales culinary school, Xavier Torres has infused a distinct passion of worldly flavors with his Latin roots in all of his culinary creations. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Torres has fond memories of learning the art and skill of cooking from his mother who taught him since he was a little kid to cook with love and passion. This set the tone for a future of culinary exploration, which would land him literally, all over the world seeking an awakening from new flavors. During his time in culinary school, Torres had the opportunity to intern at the five-star Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort in Ireland, under the tutelage of Chef Paul Mc Donald. Professionally, Torres has earned his place among the culinary elite of his generation, honing his skills in such renowned kitchens as SushiSamba, Nobu, and Wish. Torres continued the development of his career with the opening Zuma and eventually The Dutch, which both served as foundational stepping stones. Torres developed his skills further working for Martin Berasategui, the Basque chef and owner of a Michelin-starred restaurant in Lasarte-Oria in Spain. This opportunity was a watershed experience for Torres, as the setting was truly fine dining and operated by a large, dynamic kitchen staff. In time, Torres expanded his skills and outlook working with Chef Matt Orlando of Amass Restuarant, located in Copenhagen,Denmark. His experiences here enveloped him the principles of sustainability, where the ethos of working with local, seasonal, and food waste management were keenly observed. His understandings of the modern sustainability movement were further honed when working with the former executive chef of NOMA, where he had the opportunity to work in one of the most sustainable kitchens. This knowledge is carried with him, enabling Torres to bring this sustainable, elevated approach to creating not just adventurously exquisite cuisine, but also elevated in terms of practicality and mindfulness.

In 2014, yet another ground-breaking opportunity unveiled itself, launching Xavier Torres into the kitchen of Miami’s DrunkenDragon, where he was appointed as the Executive Chef. This served as the next springboard for his career, enabling him full creative discretion in this exciting Asian concept eatery. In January 2019, he decided to take a different path. After parting ways with Drunken Dragon, He took a culinary journey to different parts of Japan, Vietnam and Peru, where he was surrounded by deep cultures, exquisite produce, new exciting cooking methods and excellent people. During this time, he encountered new and bigger opportunities to develop even more his skills that took him venture on restaurant consulting. Here is when the Fun Fun Asian Bowl Concept began. In the 1st year of his new journey he developed a Japanese robata concept in the Dominican Republic. At the end of the year brought this new concept to the new Hard Rock Guitar Hotel in Hollywood Florida where he is currently   leading and pursuing the Executive Chef role at Bae Korean Grill  in the Hard Rock Hotel.

Xavier Torres has built a career based on passion, a never-ending desire to continue expanding his skills, and most importantly, pleasing those he serves with delightful dishes the bring joy and satisfaction with every mouthful. From humble roots in his mom’s kitchen in Puerto Rico, to unmatched experiences in many of the world’s most notable kitchens, Torres offers artful flavor and quite literally, a taste of the world with every meal. A love of experiencing the world’s flavors and seeking new experiences are the driving forces behind XavierTorres’ passion for cooking. His culinary flair blends the influences of East and West, resulting in exquisitely-crafted dishes like none other. An apprenticeship under Nobu’s Thomas Buckley was an influential driving force, setting the tone for further exploration into the world of culinary, as he explored the world. This interest in experiencing cultures and places through food has taken him to Spain, Denmark, Italy, all throughout Northern Europe, Japan, South Korea, Northern Thailand,Jakarta, Bali, and Panama. All of these experiences abroad have found their way into Torres’ repertoire, giving him quite the palate to work with when creating outstanding dishes that delight and inspire. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with professional development through a culinary degree obtained from Johnson and Wales in Miami, and a passion for learning and tasting all the world has to offer has givenTorres an exceptional backbone in world flavors. Having worked in kitchens throughout the US and Europe, and with extensive travels throughout Japan,South Korea, and all of Southeast Asia, Torres has collected a wealth of knowledge on tastes and culinary experiences. From time spent under Chef Martin Berasategui, whose eponymous, Michelin-starred Basque restaurant in Lasarte-Oria in Spain has gained world acclaim, to learning the art of sustainability at Denmark’s legendary Amass and NOMA restuarants, and through his tenure at Miami’s Drunken Dragon, where he was free to flex his creativity and skill as the executive chef; Torres leads the way as a profound thought-leader in modern culinary experiences. Xavier Torres’ time as a chef has taken him all over the world and his love of flavor has shaped his body of work, enabling him to create dishes with truly unique, international flair. Simultaneously, he maintains true culinary form, with the ability to execute mastery in just about any style of cuisine.