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About Me

Artisinal, worldly, creative, adventurous, and above all, skilled: Xavier Torres is leading the way for new experiences in Miami’s culinary scene. Sampling flavors from all over the world, and capturing those unique essences in new dishes crafted with love is his life’s mission.

My Passion

Experiencing the world through flavor and then sharing it with others is the basis of Xavier Torres’ passion for creating cuisine. That feeling of savoring a taste like none other, the combination of flavors, aromas, sensations that overwhelm the senses; evoking that in others is my passion.

My Food

Cooked with love’ is my motto because there is nothing I love more than good food! My food is the result of my passion for travel, sampling flavors from cultures across the world, and blending this love of experiences into the pleasure of eating. For me, there is no greater joy than delighting my patrons with tastes and flavors that fill them with satisfaction.